Version 6.1


Bots spamming Infusionsoft web forms has been an ongoing problem for many for as long as Infusionsoft has been around. So Infusionsoft introduced a captcha option to use in web forms. The problem is however, it doesn’t look good, and it’s annoying for people to use. Nobody likes trying to ascertain what those confused letters are. We tried to make their captcha look good, but it’s not that easy. To add on t that, one user complained that if they got it wrong, then they would end up on the Infusionsoft hosted form page, which really doesn’t look good and can be confusing for anyone attempting to submit that form. We listened, and you can now simply tick off a check box in the settings and voila! Google reCAPTCHA! Stops bots in their tracks.

The other biggy for 6.1 is the improvement of the date-picker module. If you don’t already know, Infusionsoft’s date picker that comes with the HTML doesn’t work all that great outside of Infusionsoft pages. So, when you import your HTML code we replace it with our own system. There are several easy to define parameters that you can place inside the HTML to modify your date picker. Please check the documentation for more details.


  • Google reCAPTCHA tool
  • Style Option: Radio Button Spacing
  • License Verification: FormLift will verify that your license is in good standing once daily.
  • Date Picker improvements


  • Fatal Error caused by versions of PHP pre 5.6
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