What to do when your forms get spammed?

Bots spamming forms has been an issue for many Infusionsoft users throughout the decade. Nefarious sites and people actively seeking to bring anarchy to the already chaotic web.

We recently ran into an issue where we would receive dummy submissions 2-3 times per day, and nothing we did to stop it seemed to work.

We tried Infusionsoft’s captcha¬†AND google’s reCAPTCHA system. But neither of those seemed to work.

But it occured to me, that if a bot took the URL of the form directly and cached it somewhere, it could later send data directly to the URL and not necessarily have to go through the form on the page where it’s hosted.

So what you could do next is simply change the URL. Go to Infusionsoft, make a copy of your web-form, and then replace the form with the new action URL. That way if a bot posts to the old one, it will not accept the submission.

This solution may only be temporary if your website is frequented by bots, but it’s a start!

Did you know? FormLift now has Google reCAPTCHA as standard. Read more about it here.

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