Conditional Thank You Pages



Get conditional thank you pages and more extensions included in the discounted All Access Pass! Over $800 in annual savings!

Create a better user experience by sending leads down a personalized journey based on the information they provide you. This extension lets you send leads to different pages based on form submission data.

The Perfect Journey.

Sometimes it's not "one size fits all." You need to send your leads to different places based on their needs and asks. Awesome we can do that.

Use our easy editor to define your rules and build a special link that you can use as the link in your Infusionsoft thank you page settings.

You can essentially use any form criteria and a variety of conditions such as less than, greater tham equal to, contains, and all the negatives of those.

There is no limit to the criteria size either, set as many different rules to as many different pages as you need!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I redirect users away from my site?

Yes, you can redirect users to any valid url.

My redirect isn't working, what's wrong?

There are a few possibilities. You don't have an SSL certificate, or you didn't set the thank you page of the form in Infusionsoft as the dynamic URL link provided in the editor.

Can I add parameters to the URL?

Yes, you can add any parameters you want, plus all the information attached by Infusionsoft will ALSO be passed to the thank you page.


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