Are your web forms following this simple rule?

Infusionsoft is great at customer segmentation and data mining. But because of that great power we sometimes trip over our own feet when we end up asking for too much data from our leads upfront.

What do I mean?

In general, we ask a lot from our leads to begin with as businesses. Parting with an email is a big deal for many consumers these days. So, let’s answer the question of what is an acceptable amount of information to gather when someone is first opting in?

Here at Training Business Pros, we abide by a very strict web form rule. Never ask for more information than you need upfront. Don’t try and capture superfluous data to further segment and tag them before they’ve walked through the door. If all you need to get them in and deliver is an email address, then that’s all you should be collecting.

If you need other information, you should be designing your sales funnels as a pipeline. One that leads people through a journey that allows them in their own time to provide you with the information that you need to turn that lead into profit. More opt-in opportunities, calls to action, button link clicks in emails etc…

For example, a strategy for collecting more data post initial opt-in is to simply place another form on the thank you page. A question we like to use is a simple three option radio button that asks “Which of the following best describes you?” The difference in conversion rates for that two-step form process vs. all on one form is quite astounding. Almost a 10% difference in conversions in favor of the two-step method.

Every single extra field that a lead must answer is an extra road block between them and an opt-in. Keep your opt-in forms, short, simple, and to the point. Name, Email, Phone Number (optional), Submit.

If you are following these rules but people are still not opting in to your web forms, there may be a different problem.

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