Version 6.0 – Big Changes!


Why did we do yet another major version change? Well, we ran out of numbers for version 5. We made it all the way to 5.9.5. So, we made the decision to give FormLift its own “Form Lift”.

FormLift was suffering from Shoe Maker’s son syndrome. It made the forms look great but it’s own UI was becoming a bit dated. It needed to be freshened up.  So that’s exactly what we did.

The backend settings framework has been completely redesigned for optimal user experience. The UI is now clearer, easier to understand and, navigate. Some options panels have been separated and rearranged. The license key page has finally been moved to the options panel where it should have been all along. And the way the options appear have also been rearranged to make moving from setting to setting more fluent.

The other big FormLift improvement over version 5 is now each and every setting can be over written at form level. Every single one. That means that if you want some forms to auto populate and some to not, you can do that. If you want to set a default tracking setting, you can do that to. Now you can have different error messages for different forms as well, if you like doing that kind of thing. You can also now set default required fields in the settings panel as well, and the default required fields FormLift requires has been stripped down to just the email field.

One last major improvement. Redirects, people wanted to be able to do more with them. Make them a bit more powerful. The redirect tool is no longer restricted to just drop downs and radio buttons. Any field can now employ its own redirect logic. For text fields, you can use the “Contains” logic to search for keywords in user data, and for check boxes you can select whether it’s been selected. It even works with hidden fields too!

We also did a bunch of boring stuff related to load speeds of forms and backend optimization wizardry to make forms load easier and faster on your site.

Have fun!


  • Style option: Font Weight – for labels, inputs, and buttons
  • Increased Redirect Functionality: Contains & Does Not Contain logic for Text & Hidden fields. Selected logic for Checkboxes
  • Settings Panel: Required Fields
  • Settings Option: Default Required Fields – First Name, Last Name, Email 1, Phone 1
  • Settings Panel: Tracking Settings
  • Settings Option:   Default Tracking Method


  • Form Loading: Known issue that sometimes when the same form was place on a page twice, the lower most one might not load properly. This no longer happens do to a new form loading system that registers individual forms with a unique ID.
  • Date Picker Bug: If the same form was placed on the page twice and it had a date-picker, any time you selected a date in a form near the bottom of the page, it would fill the date in the top most form or that kind. This no longer happens.


  • The license key page has been moved to the settings panel
  • The settings UI and backend framework has been reconstructed from scratch.
  • The Form editor has gotten a face-lift to make editing forms more appealing.
  • The form level settings have been moved to their own meta box. The html area is now standalone.


  • Style Option: Border Color – Form CSS
  • Style Option: Border Width – Form CSS
  • Style Option: Form Display – Form CSS
  • Style Option: Field Display – Field CSS
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