Available Shortcodes

This will explain how to use FormLift’s basic shortcodes.

There are two which come with the base plugin!

To Display A Form:

To place a form on a page, or rather anywhere that will accept a shortcode, you may use the following shortcode.

[[formlift id="FORM_ID"]]

Simply replace FORM_ID with the ID of your form, or you can copy the shortcode from either of the two areas show below.

To Display User Data:

If you have a valid SSL, you can temporarily store user data on your site for use later. For example to create a personalized WordPress thank you page. In order to access that data, you may use the following shortcode.

[[formlift_data name="FIELD_NAME"]

The FIELD_NAME parameter corresponds to the NAME attribute of an input element in your form.

For example…

To display a user’s first name, you would enter

[formlift_data name="inf_field_FirstName"]

Alternatively, if you are entering multiple pieces of user data in a row, you may use this iteration of the same shortcode.

[formlift_data] Some text %%FIELD_NAME%% some more text 
%%ANOTHER_FIELD_NAME%% [/formlift_data]]

A full example would look like this.

[[formlift_data] Hi my name is %%inf_field_FirstName%% %%inf_field_LastName%% [/formlift_data]]
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