Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey is a certified Digital Marketer from Canada's leading digital marketing training company Training Businesses Pros. Along with providing and training best digital marketing practices, he is the lead developer and creator of FormLift.

Version 5.8

Summary: The goal for this update was twofold. First, add the ability to carry user data around a site, so if a person filled in a form on one page, their info would be auto filled everywhere else on the website. And two, have a reliable, working, intuitive system for redirecting to different thank-you pages …

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Version 5.5

Summary: This was a convenience based update, allowing users to move about the plugin more fluently, and accomplish tasks more easily. For example being able to compare Form Conversion performance if they were in the same Infusionsoft Campaign. Added:  Campaigns: A custom taxonomy which allows people to add multiple forms to a campaign which they …

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Version 5.0

Summary: The actual code structure of FormLift was becoming extremely chaotic as it had started as a functional programming approach, which is okay in smaller instances of plugins, however FormLift was beginning to push 12+ large files, thus a new approach needed to be taken. A ground up code restructuring took place, moving towards object …

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