Version 5.0


The actual code structure of FormLift was becoming extremely chaotic as it had started as a functional programming approach, which is okay in smaller instances of plugins, however FormLift was beginning to push 12+ large files, thus a new approach needed to be taken. A ground up code restructuring took place, moving towards object oriented programming, which allowed for much more complex tasks to be handled quicker and easier, with less ambiguity. This also allowed the physical file size to be decreased by 30%, if you’re big on weight loss…


  1. Conversion Tracking. You would now be able to compare the number of Impressions vs. the number of Submissions that a particular form was achieving.


  1. Live Style Updates. The live style updater was removed altogether because I found it frivolous, as updating the page is rather simple and the live updater was conflict with other functionality.
  2. Modals. There are many other plugins which allow you to create light-boxes, and since a FormLift form is just a shortcode, it would be wise so simply use one of them.


  1. The required fields area has been moved back to the form editing area rather than in the “Preview” metabox.



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