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Getting Started!

Complete walk through from installation to adding a form.

Get your Infusionsoft API key

Your First Form!

Import a form into WordPress from Infusionsoft.

Using The Editor!

Use the drag and drop editor to make the forms look the way you want.

Special Fields and Functions!

Learn about Date fields, and other cool functions FormLift does for you so you can create epic Automation.

Spam Protection!

Learn about the tools FormLift gives you to fight SPAM!

File Uploads!

Add a file uploader to your web forms!

Display Conditions!

Limit Submissions and Schedule forms easily!

Custom Thank You Pages!

Use shortcodes to create WordPress personalized thank you pages!

The Redirect Creator!

How to send different people to different thank you pages!

Auto Population!

Auto populate forms with user data from Infusionsoft!