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Are you an Infusionsoft user Frustrated with the limitations of Web Forms and Order Forms?

Is it because they…

  • Aren’t mobile responsive,
  • Hard to style according to your theme,
  • Lack proper validation,
  • Make your designer ask you to change platforms,
  • Make you want to tear your hair out!

You’ve probably already tried a couple things that haven’t exactly panned out the way you thought.

Maybe you hired an HTML & CSS guru to take care of it. Did you quickly realize that becomes an expensive proposition the more forms you release?

Maybe you attempted Gravity Forms?

Did you ever get past the complicated setup process? That Gravity Forms just wasn’t built for the entrepreneur who just wants to get something done QUICKLY! Not to mention the third party costs of Zapier just to make it talk to Infusionsoft… UGH!

The Remote Designer You Hired Off E-LANCE to design your forms

There are plugins like Thrive Leads and OptinmMonster… but those are only good for First, Last, Email and Phone. Not the forms with custom fields and radio buttons you need to launch your business.

So what is their left to do? Shell out to the HTML & CSS experts? FAT CHANCE!

3 years ago I can across this same conundrum. I was in need of a quick, responsive, and easy to use web form solution for Infusionsoft that used the STANDARD Infusionsoft form goal.

I searched for a week and found, you guessed it, nothing.

NOT finding something wasn’t an option because our time to launch was being bogged down by me bumbling about Adobe Dreamweaver trying to get our forms to look pretty.

So what was I to do? Well…

That’s when We poured countless hours into creating the DE-FACTO easiest to learn, fastest to use WordPress plugin for Infusionsoft web forms.

We’ve Pulled Countless All Nighters Just For YOU!

The installation and activation is under 30 seconds, getting your first form live is under 10 seconds.

You don’t need developers, you don’t need partners, and you don’t need CSS gurus.

We made the solution that you, by yourself, can use to create beautiful & responsive web forms that are compatible with any WordPress theme.

​And you can get started with it RIGHT NOW!

We’ll take you on a short 7 step guided setup tour that will have your form from your most important campaign live on your site in a few minutes.

Did I mention, FormLift is open source. That means FREE TO USE! That’s right, there is 0 cost. Nada, zilch, zero.

So, what do you have to lose with zero risk? Switch to FormLift Today!

The Preferred solution Among Infusionsoft users & Entrepreneurs.

Colin Parker


Great software that allows me to get great looking WordPress Forms and have it connect to my Infusionsoft account. The support is fantastic when I encountered a problem (user error) they got back to me quickly with steps to show me exactly what I needed to do. If you are tired of plain looking Infusionsoft forms this plugin is a must.

Philippe Bussiere


Been a user since the beginning. I especially like customization for error messages and how it handles special characters. I use it for all my clients.

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