Client & Server Side Validation

Often when you use Infusionsoft forms, if you enter incorrect information on the first attempt, it redirects you to a rather ugly looking Infusionsoft hosted version of the web form that isn’t on your site.

Not so with FormLift! We make sure all the data is valid BEFORE any potential lead leaves your website so you can increase time on page, and deliver a cohesive user experience.

Plus, you can edit all the error messages to reflect your language/personality.

Form Auto Population

You have have the ability to send information via emails to pages that will cause the form to automatically fill up with a persons information!

That way you can ensure the persistence of data from form to form.

FormLift’s unique data system also allows a user to leave your site, and then come back within a time you specify and their information will still be accessible to FormLift, so there are limited barriers to entry.

Conversion Rate Tracking

FormLift offers an easy to use, easy to read conversion rate tracking system that you can see right in your WordPress dashboard.

It’s fairly simple, it calculates the number of impressions vs. the number of submissions and gives you both numbers as a baseline.

It’s accurate and to the point so you can make intelligent decisions on your form/page layout. All conversions shown are also up to date, always showing you the last 7 days.

Custom Field Types

FormLift has a few custom field types beyond what Infusionsoft offers on it’s own!

You can add File Uploaders, you can add a GDPR compliant box, or you can add custom fields & html that aren’t meant to be sent to Infusionsoft and use them in a different context. Its up to you, but the possibilities are endless.

Plus, if you make a custom field in Infusionsoft as a text box, it doesn’t need to stay a text box, easily convert it to any other field type in FormLift and it won’t be affected anywhere else.

Advanced Date Picker

One of Infusionsoft’s web form week points is it’s rigid date picker, if you use FormLift’s you can specify strict date ranges, have a year and month selector drop down, and enforce that the date is properly formatted before a from is submitted.

Dynamic Thank You Pages

You can create dynamic thank you pages in WordPress with easy to use short codes. That way you can create a cohesive user experience whenever they submit a form and end up somewhere else.

One of the number 1 rules of marketing is to “call you audience by name!” So this is a great tool to get you started.

Oh, and these don’t even need to be used on the thank you page, depending on the length you decide to store PII on yours site for, you can use these shortcodes anywhere on the site for up to 30 days.

Conditional Fields

Now you see me, now you don’t. FormLift now supports conditional fields so you can create advanced surveys, and make sure your leads only see what you want them to see!

They are also very easy to setup, all you need to do is define some very easy, but abundant rules and you’re on your way to being a pro web developer.

This feature requires the Conditional fields extension

Full Styling Customization

FormLift’s party trick. You can make forms look like whatever you want with the MOST comprehensive set of styling options of ANY form builder that you can integrate with Infusionsoft.

With the drag and drop column builder editor and the over 50 different styling options you can create the most intricately designed forms ever, OR you can just leave the pretty good preset defaults.

It doesn’t end there, you can add your own classes to any form field, and with FormLift’s API you can even add your own settings. Although there is some experience required with that one.

Style Forms individually with the individual styling extension

Columned Form Capability

Sometimes vertical height isn’t exactly a great thing, especially when you’re trying to get a lot of fields into the same view port.

FormLift’s mobile responsive columned capability solves that problem by allowing you to put your form fields in play in 1, 2, 3, or even 4 columns.

On mobile all columns will revert to a waterfall format, or 1 column.

Drag & Drop Editor

Simpler than Gravity forms, more reliable than Thrive Leads, more customization than the Infusionsoft Official Opt In Plugin, the FormLift editor allows you to get things done quickly.

With a variety of settings available at your finger tips, and a visual preview of your form at at all times, it’s not hard for you to make quick edits to your forms so you can deploy them at a moments notice.

Because speed is imperative when you’re also running a business.

API Form Importing

Don’t wast time copying and pasting. Wouldn’t you rather save yourself a few minutes searching through campaigns looking for that web form you wanted to put on your site?

Well with FormLift, all you have to do is just click the import button to have any of your Infusionsoft web forms on your site and deployed in seconds. No copying and pasting required.

Mobile Responsiveness

One of the biggest pet peaves of any Infusionsoft User. No longer. FormLift sizes your Forms to fit on any device, whether it be tablets, smart phones, or the largest of desktop computers.

Spam Filtering

With an increase of spam submissions and attacks on Infusionsoft web forms in particular, FormLift has invested in several strategies to tackle the invasive behavior of spam bots.

By default FormLift is less susceptible to spam, but with the premium spam filtering add-on, you can limit IP addresses, search for spam keywords, and perform pattern recognition for some of the more common spam bots out there.

This Feature requires the spam protection extension

Google ReCaptcha

Infusionsoft’s Google ReCaptcha is quite annoying and has sever limitations. Disable it and use ours instead! It will always appear on a form, and happens at the same time a user submits a form.

Plus there is no image matching or voice recognition so it becomes a seamless 1-click experience.

This Feature requires the spam protection extension

File Uploads

Need Resumes, Images, Wills? No problem! you can have leads upload their own files to their contact Filebox in a web form itself which is a totally UNIQUE feature to FormLift. Currently, no other solution allows file uploads to the file box IN a web form other than FormLift.

Note: There is only one file allowed per file upload button, but there is no limit to the number of file upload buttons you may put in a form.

This Feature requires the file uploads extension

Require Login

Turn off any form for users who aren’t logged in! Works great with Memberium.

This Feature requires the Scarcity extension

Saved Submissions

Sometimes technology fails. It happens. So how will you be prepared when it does. What you don’t want is a ton of form activity when Infusionsoft is down, and then no record of all those lost leads because you weren’t prepared.

With the premium saved submissions feature, all form submissions are stored in your WordPress data base regardless of whether they are successfully added to Infusionsoft.

This Feature requires the saved entries extension

Open API

FormLift is a believer of FREE and OPEN SOURCE. If you are a developer, you can hook your own functions into FormLift through the many developer hooks and filters that are built in.

We’ll even help you get started. Contact us today.