How To Increase Sales From Infusionsoft Order Forms.

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When it comes to Infusionsoft, it does a lot of things really well. Something’s, not so much.

A long awaited promise has yet to come to fruition. That is the promised overhaul of the Order forms module.

And as the DEV team focuses on a brighter more flamboyant UI instead of what people have been asking for, it can be surmised that we’ll be waiting longer still.

If you’re not quite sure what I’m on about so far, let’s recap why the order forms module needs an overhaul.

  1. You can’t host it on your own domain name.
  2. It’s near impossible to change the layout.
  3. It doesn’t offer advanced features or custom fields.
  4. It’s just plain ugly.

For some of those, you can apply a fairly pricey bandaid such as Spiffy. But at $50/month, it’s a lot to pay for a bandaid.

Spiffy has limitations of it’s own. Numerous FormLift users have cited switching to other solutions on account of the page load speed being longer than 20 seconds. Spiffy may make your order form mobile responsive, but if a page doesn’t load after 20 seconds on a phone that’s looking like major abandonment territory right there.

And those are just the technical challenges of setup. Once you launch your order form you’ll be faced with the reality of tech meets customer.

Ugly order form + not your domain = untrustworthy = lost sale.
Long load time + not your domain = bad experience = lost sale.

So what’s the fix? How do you use Infusionsoft to process orders, accept cards, and keep it part of your all inclusive system without resorting to some custom solution which might cost you thousands?

First, let’s nail down what an order form NEEDS to have to increase your sales and provide a cohesive and decent user experience.

It needs to be hosted on your site.

Customers know who YOU are. YOUR domain name. They do not want to see because it’s confusing.
Show them instead, because it makes sense, and they trust YOU.

It needs to be a SALES page

Infusionsoft forms are just that, order forms. There’s no headline, copy, call to action, the “place order” button is TINY. You need a solution that allows you to have a SALES PAGE, with video, testimonials and a nice BIG RED ORDER BUTTON.

It needs to load INSTANTLY.

Customer abandonment territory is anything more than 3 seconds. Regardless of whether they are a great customer or not. In a world of instant gratification, you need to provide products and information instantly. On the web that’s a literal “instantly.”

It needs to be beautiful.

This is a given. With the THOUSANDS of accessible tools to make awesome sales pages, you should be able to make a sales page that’s beautiful and functional. So now the questions is,

How can I accomplish ALL of these things?

We’ll frankly there are two ways to accomplish every single one of the above.

Your first option is to hire a developer and have them create an API powered order form. This can be quite pricey, and you would essentially be slave to that developer for changes.

OR, you can do what hundreds of Infusionsoft users are doing right now.

Switch to FormLift.

It ticks all the criteria above and most of all, it’s very cheap for what you get compared to other order form solutions like Spiffy & Clickfunnels, the later costing more than the price of a top rated Infusionsoft app.

The FormLift Payments extension allows you to go beyond what traditional order forms allow you to do.

For example, imagine a lineup of One Click Upsells after the initial purchase through an Order Form. We have a solution for that.

Allow users to select between product options, we have a solution for that.

Allow users to One click purchase through an EMAIL! We have a solution for that TOO!

The possibilities are endless.

Plus, it’s not just order forms. FormLift is an all inclusive WordPress and Infusionsoft toolbox. Order Forms are just ONE of the many extensions FormLift has to offer to level up your WordPress and Infusionsoft experience.

At $29/month for EVERYTHING, that’s every single extension we offer. That’s some SERIOUS VALUE.

Let’s look at what other solutions are going to cost you.

  • GoSpiffy, $50/month
  •, $47/month
  • Clickfunnels, $99/month – $299/month, OUCH!
  • API Developer, $250+/hour, YIKES!

That’s no small beans. Plus you’re only getting a solution for ORDER FORMS. With FormLift you get so much more than that. A solution that you OWN, that’s on YOUR site, that you call the shots on.

We will help you create an integrated and personalized WordPress experience for your customers that will increase your revenue and increase customer loyalty and happiness.

Tell me that’s not worth $29/month.

If you are already with FormLift and you’ve decided that it’s time to take the next step and give your website & revenue a “FormLift”, then let’s get you setup with our All Access Pass.

If you’re still not quite sure which route to take, then that’s no problem. Fill out the form below to start your guided setup. It’s 100% FREE, no credit card. And you get an instant download of the FormLift plugin.

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