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Welcome to the developers log! If this is your first time here then it might help for a quick introduction. Skip to the good stuff…

My name is Adrian. I develop a plugin called FormLift which is a user friendly form builder for WordPress. I often face a multitude of challenges throughout the day in regards to development, marketing, and generally running my business.

As my user base continues to grow an increasing number of road blocks are making themselves apparent. Competition, angry customers, chargebacks and the repercussions of decisions I make.

So if you feel like sticking around I am going to post every single decision and roadblock I face in this log and what I do to attempt a resolution.

This is a follow up on my previous article, “No one likes paying for stuff they don’t need.

To sum up that article, In order to remove the “powered by FormLift” credit from the bottom of the form, you had to purchase an extension. But users didn’t NEED extensions because the base product was good enough. Which created kind of an impasse.

At the end of that article, I was wrestling with how to still create decent revenue, keep FormLift super cheap, not have to make people buy stuff they don’t want, and keep customers happy to boot

Easier said then done.

The solution we came up with was to offer a lifetime license for the sole purpose of removing the credit whenever you make a “donation.

So far, it’s been only 1 month since our release of this method, and it’s had amazing results.

As a digital marketing strategy, the “pay what you can” method of doing business sits right with potential customers and makes them feel good when assigning value to your product. It removes any consternation or the thought of “I’m not getting what I’m paying for.”

So far, the donation method has amounted to 18 new customers in the 30 days and a total of $236.00 USD in funding for new FormLift related projects, such as our new signatures extension!

While not bank breaking, 18 new customers is not something to shrug at. Plus another 50% of those customers went on to purchase actual extensions afterwards so it acts as a revenue maximizer as well.

I foresee donations playing a huge role in future projects and products we produce as a result of this community reaction.

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Adrian Tobey

Adrian Tobey is a certified Digital Marketer from Canada's leading digital marketing training company Training Businesses Pros. Along with providing and training best digital marketing practices, he is the lead developer and creator of FormLift.

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