The Night Before Christmas

So I had written a pretty comprehensive Christmas campaign promoting FormLift for 25% OFF for the holidays.

My list however, isn’t that massive. So not a massive amount of people actually read my emails. But there was one email in particular that I was really proud of, and I want people to read it, so I’m going to immortalize it here.

This went out on Christmas eve, (Which in retro-spect may have not been the best Idea I’ve ever had, but the theme matched so what the hell.)

Twas the night before Christmas, a poem by Adrian Tobey.

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the net,
not a web-form was working,
causing businesses great fret.

The API’s were setup
in Zapier with great care,
in hopes that your contacts
could pass safely through there.

Yet people were missing,
oh what disaster!
Who can be asked
to see what is the matter?

You do a quick search seeking some help.
A better way must be out there you felt.

Quickly through dozens
of search results you sift,
and you come upon a small plugin
the amazing FormLift.

Five minutes you spend,
oh it’s so easy peezy!
How can setup be
this quick and so breezy?

Far away in a land called Toronto,
a lonely developer works hard for tomorrow.
Doing his best to help out the users,
who’ve struggled too much
with most software losers.

Liked it? Comment below how FormLift has helped you solve your web from disasters!

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