WP Engine Compatibility

WP engine is a very popular managed WordPress hosting platform.

If you plan on using FormLift on a WP Engine platform, there are a couple things you’ll need to know.

Page Caching:

WP Engine uses page caching to render it’s pages. This means that pages will load very fast indeed, however it also means auto-population features of FormLift will NOT work. FormLift auto-populates and renders form code pre-populated on the server level which is BYPASSED on cached pages.

If you have pages where the auto-population feature is critical, then you will need to ask the WP Engine support team through their live chat module to add that page to the list of no-cache pages.

Cookie Caching:

WP Engine also caches cookies as a result of also caching page “headers.” You will NEED to ask the WP Engine support team, again, to add the cookie FORMLIFT_ID to the list of cookies to NOT cache. The FORMLIFT_ID cookie is a unique tracking cookie and is required for the impressions and conversions tracking to work.

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