Before We Start

This tutorial will require you to have the FormLift Payments extension + the FormLift One Click Upsell’s extension. Please have those both installed and ready to go before beginning.

This tutorial does not need the Infusionsoft Ecommerce Module.

Step 1: Choose A Strategy.

Before we delve into the technical requirements of setting up a sales funnel, let’s discuss what actually makes a good sales funnel.

We’ll be creating a campaign that includes a “2 Step Checkout” with a “One Click Upsell.”

Choose a Loss Leader

I recommend starting with something called a “Loss Leader” or product/service which breaks even in terms of revenue vs. cost of production.

Great examples of loss leaders are…

  • Free + Shipping Offers (you can bury the cost of the product in the shipping price)
  • Trial Software
  • Trial Products
  • First order is free/shipping is free
  • Discounted consultation, etc…

The main focus should be that whatever you choose, it has to have a small monetary value so we can qualify that this person has a working credit card.

Here is an awesome example of a Loss Leader we setup for a natural deodorant distributor in Canada using FormLift.

Maximize Your Revenue

Following the loss leader, you need to choose another one of you services that you can discount for up to 50% OFF.

This will help you maximize your revenue for the leads that drip through. Offer them the deal of a lifetime, and since we’ve already collected their billing info, we can charge them accordingly if they choose your deal is something they want to act on.

Here is an example of a One Click Upsell page that would be shown after the initial purchase of a loss leader.

Step 2: Get Your Products Ready

You will have to add all the products you wish to be selling in this funnel into your products list in Infusionsoft. For more details on how to do that, please read this article. 

Step 3: Get Your Campaign Ready

After all your products are ready to go, we can go ahead and build the campaign that will push people through our funnel. We are going to go through it step by step, but the final result will look something like this.

Take a moment and lay out all the campaign goals as you see here. We will go through what each of them will contain in the coming steps.

Step 4: Get Your Web Forms Ready

You will need two web-forms as indicated below.

The first one entitled “Get The Details” will collect any personal information such as name & email, plus their billing & shipping details if needed. You will not add the billing OR shipping details to the form in Infusionsoft since FormLift has SPECIAL fields for that.

It should look exactly like this in the editor.

The thank you page will be the URL of the page where the ORDER FORM FIELDS will be.

The second one entitled “Loss Leader Order Form” is much more simple. The ONLY field required is a hidden EMAIL field.

It should look exactly like this in the editor.

The thank you page will be the URL of the page where the ONE CLICK UPSELL will be.

Step 5: Get Your Purchase Goals Ready

You will need purchase goals as indicated below.

The first one entitled “Loss Leader Purchased” will be set to a “Specific Product Purchase” containing your Loss Leader.

The second one is also self explanatory and will be the same except containing your Upsell Product.

Step 6: Setup Session Tracking & Storage

Switching gears for a moment, we need to do some techy stuff before we can go forward and start editing the campaign sequences.

We need to create a Contact Custom Field!

For documentation on how to create a custom field, click here.

You name this field FormLift Session ID and we’ll be using it in a moment.

Step 7: Set Campaign links.

Back to the campaign for now. We need a couple of campaign links to use so we can write our emails.

See the documentation for creating campaign links.

We’ll need 2 campaign links, both should look like this.

  1. Initial Order Abandonment:
  2. Upsell Abandonment:

Notice how at the end of each link there is this ?formlift_session=~Contact._FormLiftSessionId~. This will allow us to “recover” the customer’s session without them having to re-enter all their information.

Step 8: Write Up The Emails For Loss Leader Abandonment.

We now have what we need for our “Loss Leader Abandonment Sequence”

In this sequence you will need a series of emails that direct users to the initial order form page. They should say something along the lines of…

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~,

If you just got distracted, that’s okay, we saved your progress!

[1st Campaign Link Here]


What’s important is that the email uses that 1st campaign link to send them back to the order form page with their session recovery link.

You can chain as many of these emails as you feel necessary to get the lead back to the order page.

This is what My sequence looks like.

Step 9: Write Up The Emails For the Upsell Abandonment Sequence.

This is to all intents and purposes the same as the previous step, just using campaign link #2 and changing the content of the emails to reflect the purchase of the “Loss Leader” and the abandonment of the Upsell link.

You can chain as many emails as you feel necessary to get the lead back to the upsell page.

This is what My sequence looks like.

Step 10: Set Session Storage In FormLift.

We are done with Infusionsoft for the moment! let’s move on to WordPress & FormLift.

Remember that custom field we set earlier? We need to set that custom field as the one FormLift uses to store session information.

Go to the main plugin settings, tracking defaults, and set the setting entitled “Use a custom field to save sessions” to the custom field you created earlier.

Step 11: Setup Your Step 1 “Get The Detials” Form!

Finally, after all that we get to work with the form builder!

As you would any other form, import the step 1 form from Infusionsoft.

NOTE: You may need to refresh the web form list to see the new forms you created.

Once you’ve imported the form, you will need to add a “special” custom field.

Click on the “Add custom form field” button at the top of the editor.

Scroll to the bottom and add the “Billing Address” Field

Edit the details accordingly, and then drag the field to the appropriate place in your form.

Awesome, this form is now DONE! Go ahead and place it on your landing page using the shortcode in the top right of the editor.

Step 12: Import your products into FormLift

Before we can setup our order form we need to import the products we plan on selling. If FormLift Payments is properly setup, then in the admin menu there should be a tab under the main FormLift plugin call “Products.”

Click it!

Then you should be brought to a page that looks like this.

Click the import products button.

From the resulting list, select the products of which you plan on selling, and click the big IMPORT button at the bottom of the page.

You can edit these products in the WordPress back-end by going back to the products list and clicking on a product.

Step 13: Setup Your Step 2 “Loss Leader” Order Form!

Now that we have imported our products, we can setup our order form!

As before, import the relevant form from our campaign, the one with only the email HIDDEN field.

Once you’ve imported the form, you will need to add a “special” custom field.

Click on the “Add custom form field” button at the top of the editor.

Scroll to the bottom and add the “Product Selection” Field

While your editing the field, scroll to the bottom, and add all the relevant products to the product selection field you wish to have the customer purchase.

Save you changes.

Now add a new Credit Card field the same way.

Edit the details and select the card types you wish to allow.

Once your do, re-arrange the fields you’ve added, and place the form on your step 2 order page. That’s IT! FormLift will take care of the rest 🙂

Step 14: Configure your One Click Upsell

Now that your order form is setup, we can setup your one click upsell!

ON the thank you page of the order form, add a button or link.

The Url you need to put can be found by doing the following.

Go to the products page, and select the product you wish to use for you upsell. The One Click Upsell links will be located at the bottom of the page as seen below.

Copy the link and paste it in the link or button on your Upsell page.