If you do not require any extensions and simply wish to remove the credit you may get a lifetime license for FormLift by donating!

To remove the credit is simple.

Step 1: Get an extension.

Note: If you have an ALL ACCESS PASS or a  LEGACY LICENSE, you do not need to purchase extensions separately. Rather, just go to any of the extensions product pages that are valid for your license and download them (the purchase link will be replaced with a download link) and use your license key to license that extension.

You can get an extension in our Store:

Step 2: License the extension.

You can retrieve your license key from the Licenses’ tab in your account.

Then install the extension like you would any other plugin and license it with your license key in the licenses page!

Step 3: Deactivate the credit.

As soon as you have at least one extension installed and licensed, go to the Admin settings and the option to deactivate the “powered by FormLift credit” will be revealed.