The One Click Upsells extension allows you to create extra orders after a checkout with one simple click, much like clickfunnels.

This tutorial requires the One Click Upsell extension and the FormLift Payments extension.

Like any FormLift extension, setup is braindead easy! Here’s how to use it.

1. Set Up an order form in Formlift:

To see the detailed implementation of that, see the following post.

How to set up an order form in FormLift.

The One Click Upsell feature will only work if a user has recently submitted an FormLift order form and cookies are enabled. If the user clicks an upsell link and the user has not submitted an order form then the user will receive an error.

2. Add your One Click Upsell Trigger:

The One Click Upsell extension will add a section to you product editor page that looks like this.

Copy the upsell link for your product and simple paste it anywhere links can go!

If you need to, you can also add the quantity argument!