The Form Limitation Add-On allows you to set limitation rules on your form! For example lockout dates, max submissions, or requires users to be logged in to submit.

This tutorial requires the Form Limitation Add-On!

It’s a fairly easy process to setup up! Once you install and activate the From Limitation Add-On, all you have to do configure the new settings tab in your forms to activate it.

1. Import your form:

Go to Add form, select your form from the drop down, and click Import. Alternatively you may past in form code and import that way.

2. Choose Your Display Condition:

From the Display condition drop down, choose which condition you’d like to enforce for the form. “Date range” for scheduling, “Max submissions” for setting a submission cap. Alternatively you can set “Always Show” to have no condition or “Never Show” to never display the form.

3. Set your criteria:

Now it’s up to you what your submission criteria will be! Don’t forget to enter a message to replace the form when the criteria doesn’t match!