The long awaited version 7 iteration of FormLift has finally arrived… about 2 months overdue.

With Version 7 comes a whole host of new features that will boggle the mind.

If you already have FormLift and have just upgraded, please skip to the section that reads “Instructions for upgrading.”

Let’s cover those new features.

Drag And Drop Editor!

FormLift v7 does away with the old html editor you’re used too. With v7 you have something a little bit more intuitive to use now.

When you import a form from the Infusionsoft API, it will get converted into drag-able, editable bits that you can re-order, move around, and resize into columns and rows if you like.

The architecture is also fully responsive. If you have columned forms all the fields with align to suit mobile devices!

More Advanced Field Options

Each form field now has more advanced options to improve you powers of automation. each field now has individual options for auto-population, label handling, default value, whether its required, and field validation type.

Security & Privcacy

I’ve made a significant push to lock down any information leaks with version 7. Cookies are now only available over HTTP protocol connections to prevent xhhs attacks. And if you have an SSL, cookies will only be served over secure connections.


Use FormLift on a membership site? Well now forms will auto-populate with logged in user’s information including Email, First Name, Last Name, and Username.


Validation is now carried out through the SERVER level rather than the client side level. This allows more complex validation that would other wise not be possible. And as such, FormLift allows you to now validate the following.

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Name
  • Postal Code
  • Zip Code
  • Date
  • Website

Date Picker

More advanced settings have been introduced to the date picker in order to make it easier to use and more functional!

Spam Protection

FormLift’s spam protection has been overhauled as well. With a better google ReCaptcha integration you can essentially say Goodbye to spam bots. (Note Google reCaptcha is only available with a premium license).


And with every update comes new opportunities. New styling options have been introduced to the settings panel.

So what hasn’t changed?

The redirect builder is untouched except for a few optimization changes. The merge field shortcodes have also been unchanged. And also the fact that FormLift is still an amazing plugin!

Upgrading to version 7? Here’s what you need to know.

The conversion algorithm that migrates your forms from V6 to V7 can only do so much, so here is what happened or will happen when you upgrade, and what you may need to do.

  • ALL of your forms will be set to auto populate automatically.
  • ALL of your field labels will appear ABOVE the field. You will have to edit the forms so that the labels once again appear as placeholder.
    • Select the field you want to edit
    • Click the pencil to edit it
    • Select “Turn label to placeholder”
    • Update the form.
  • Custom HTML may be removed, you can add a custom html block to the form if you wish to input and pictures are words you may have. OR re-import the form from Infusionsoft.
  • Some style options may have been erased from both the global styling options and the form level styling options if you have a premium license. So you may want to go through all the styling options and double check everything is as it should be.
  • You will have to add your google SECRET KEY to the settings if you plan on using re-captcha.
  • Re-captcha has been REMOVED from all your forms. If you wish to continue using re-captcha you will have to perform the following steps.
    • Go to the form you wish to add recaptcha
    • click the button “add custom field”
    • Enter a unique ID like “infuions_captcha”
    • From the “type drop down” select captcha
    • Drag the field to where you would like it to appear in the from
    • Update the form.
  • The error messages have been changed to appear beneath the field of which they belong, so you may want to change their styling options or what they say.
  • Error messages have been added to support more validation options. So make sure those are in your desired language!

That’s it really… If you haven’t already you can test ALL the premium features for FormLift like the redirect tool, conditional display, and of course google Re-captcha by starting your 7 day free trial!